How to make Popcorn Baggies that look like Corn on a Cob

For my son's bull rider themed birthday party, I found great ideas for food display and decorations on Pinterest. The first thing I pinned for the party on my Bull Rider Birthday Party Pinterest Board was this picture: It's from The original source is unknown so I apologize to whoever first came up with this … Continue reading How to make Popcorn Baggies that look like Corn on a Cob

Making Silhouette Art

In preparation for my son's bull rider birthday party I ended up making a bull painting. I wanted to make a pin-the-tail-on-the-bull game and knew I had to either make it myself or look for it online. I took the opportunity to indulge in one of my favorite hobbies, drawing and painting, and create something for … Continue reading Making Silhouette Art

Bull Rider Birthday Party Invitation

So I finally crossed off the first thing on my party organization list: Designing the invitation cards!!!! If you happened to read my post on how I decided to throw my son a Bull Rider Birthday Party, you know that I typed up a simple to-do list to get started, and making the invitations was on the top … Continue reading Bull Rider Birthday Party Invitation

My little cowboy’s 4th Birthday Party

My only son has turned 4 this year and was in dire need of a celebration. He is growing so fast and I have never given him a "themed" birthday party. This year he discovered a passion for bull riders and there is not a day where he's not talking about his future career in … Continue reading My little cowboy’s 4th Birthday Party

Visiting the Saint John Paul II National Shrine

Today, we visited the National Shrine of Saint John Paul II. My kids love going to D.C. and there are few places we still haven't visited. So we hopped in the car and decided to go visit St. John Paul II's shrine on the way to D.C. but without much conviction. We had no idea … Continue reading Visiting the Saint John Paul II National Shrine

100th Day of School Project

So for the 100th Day of School Project, I could not decide what to do for my two girls. I looked through so many ideas on Pinterest and showed them to the girls but none of us were convinced. Until I asked them: "What is something you REALLY like?" The oldest screamed "Shopkins!" and the … Continue reading 100th Day of School Project