How to make Popcorn Baggies that look like Corn on a Cob

For my son’s bull rider themed birthday party, I found great ideas for food display and decorations on Pinterest. The first thing I pinned for the party on my Bull Rider Birthday Party Pinterest Board was this picture:


It’s from The original source is unknown so I apologize to whoever first came up with this amazing idea; I wish I could give you credit for this. This idea really fit in with my theme and any western-themed party in general.

In recreating this, I came up with one challenge: closing up the baggie with the tissue paper so that popcorn wouldn’t fall everywhere once it was opened and without making it too tricky for the kids. You’ll see my solution later on in the post.

First of all, I gathered all the materials I would need:


[popcorn, clear plastic treat bags (twisty things were included), green tissue paper (I used two shades of green), a stapler, and a basket to hold the baggies in]

First, I filled the bags with popcorn and sealed them up not too tightly, making sure I left a little space before the knot:


Second, I prepared the green tissue paper, overlapping the lighter shade with the darker shade:


Third, I wrapped the paper over the bottom of the baggie, which is the knotted part, and stapled the center of the tissue paper to the baggie in the empty space between the popcorn and the knot.


And, voila, that’s it! Once I figured out the easiest and most practical way of attaching the tissue paper, I was able to get a lot done pretty quickly.


Let me know what you think! I plan on using them for the upcoming Shopkins party for my daughters. I will be labeling them with Corny Cob:


Have fun making your own Popcorn Baggies!



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