Making Silhouette Art

In preparation for my son’s bull rider birthday party I ended up making a bull painting. I wanted to make a pin-the-tail-on-the-bull game and knew I had to either make it myself or look for it online. I took the opportunity to indulge in one of my favorite hobbies, drawing and painting, and create something for the party that could be used permanently in the home as well.

With some wood from an old bed, I arranged and nailed the wood planks together to form a surface to paint on.


Then I realized that drawing a bull freehand directly on the wood would make it too difficult to cover up any unwanted marks. So I drew the bull on cardboard and cut the bull out to form a type of stencil.



Once I decided exactly how I wanted the image, I chose to use the cut-out of the bull to have the bull be in bare wood. I had the option of having either the bull or the outside of the bull be a solid color. I taped the bull to the wood and my husband helped out spray-painting. I used a small Scotch double-sided tape and placed it very close to the edge. In the smaller areas, like the horns and tail, the tape covered the areas completely and I had to cut whatever tape was hanging off the sides. I chose a flat black spray paint because I didn’t feel that a glossy finish would go with the rustic look I was going for.



Once it dried, I removed the cardboard and revealed my work of art. That was the best part! I noticed that the paint softly seeped under the cardboard in areas where I placed the tape a little further from the edge and left blurry lines, almost giving the bull dimension, as if I had purposely shaded those areas. In areas where the tape covered the edge completely, the lines were very sharp. I really love the results.


My son really liked it and the kids really enjoyed pinning tails on it at the party. You can read about it in the Bull Rider Party Post!



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