My little cowboy’s 4th Birthday Party

My only son has turned 4 this year and was in dire need of a celebration. He is growing so fast and I have never given him a “themed” birthday party. This year he discovered a passion for bull riders and there is not a day where he’s not talking about his future career in the PBR or asking when he will be able to ride a bull. It’s pretty hilarious since my husband and I are both city folk and have never lived a country lifestyle. This newly found passion for farms, animals, and the country must be somewhere in his blood. And the fact that he looks pretty darn handsome in a cowboy hat only proves it even further. So, I couldn’t resist the idea of giving him a little bull rider birthday party and having him be the PBR World Champion he wishes to be for a day.

I have so many ideas of how I can turn the house into a bull riding championship and can’t wait to bring them to life.

To kick off the party organization I started off with a handy dandy list of everything I need to do to bring this party to life.


I’m giving myself a month to carry this out with sending out the invitations a month in advance of the date and getting the backyard ready as my top priorities.

Before getting started on anything on the list I created a Bull Rider Birthday Party Board in Pinterest to store all the ideas I could draw inspiration from, and all the images I will be using for the invitations cards, banner, and decorations. Check it out! I plan on pinning everything I come up with in the board as well, so that I could hopefully inspire another momma with a little bull riding aficionado.

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