Bull Rider Birthday Party Invitation

So I finally crossed off the first thing on my party organization list: Designing the invitation cards!!!! If you happened to read my post on how I decided to throw my son a Bull Rider Birthday Party, you know that I typed up a simple to-do list to get started, and making the invitations was on the top of the list.

I am so pleased with how it turned out! Especially since I couldn’t figure out what was the best app on my Mac to design it with. I ended up using Pages. I realized that it would take a lot longer for me to learn to use a new app than just figure out how to do it with what I already know how to use. I’m a life-long Microsoft user and it has taken some time to get used to Apple devices (HATE THEM!!!!…didn’t have a choice though, my husband was adamant about getting a Mac..and I-phones).

Anyway, I started off with the background and chose to use a picture of his favorite bull rider, Renato Nunes. I gave it a blue tint by increasing the opacity and placing a blue box behind the image.


Then I added the PBR World Finals 2017 Logo.


I added a text box with all the Birthday Party info and topped it off with a cropped image of my son in a cowboy hat. I had only 3 pictures in my phone at the time of my son in his cowboy alter ego, that I had to choose from. In order to send out the cards a month in advance I had to use one of those pictures because it wouldn’t give me time to include a professionally taken picture.

I chose the last one and I feel like it came out just perfect! I am so in love with it. Everyone who received it thought it was adorable.


What do you think?

Most of the images have been pinned in my Bull Rider Birthday Party Board in Pinterest, if you want to check them out!

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