Matching my Girls

My oldest girls are a year apart but I’ve always liked to dress them the same. People ask me all the time if they’re twins. For some reason, I just really enjoy finding something cute at a store and buying two of it. I’ve been doing it since my second was born and it kind of just stuck. Soon, everybody noticed and I started getting similar outfits in their birthday or christmas presents. In the beginning it was nice because there were no fights for each others’ gifts. But even now that they’re older they don’t complain about it, and as they grow they are learning to identify their personal styles through accessories. And, even if they don’t have the same outfit, I’ll coordinate what they have so that they’re matching. Here are the most decent pictures of the times where I’ve dressed them alike.

When they were infants it was sooooo hard to get a good picture of the both of them and there are a lot more cute outfits that I just couldn’t photograph so…sorry, this is it. I’ll keep adding more and better pictures with time.

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