My Favorite Decor Accessories

My  next project in the  house is my living room. Living rooms are pretty easy to decorate given there’s not much that goes in them. It’s really just a sofa or loveseat, an armchair or two, and some coffee tables. What really makes any area special are the details, the accessories, and the colors. I still can’t reveal my living room transformation but I do want to show the little things in my living room that I love to display.

Plates, plates, and more plates

I really love decorating the walls or furniture with plates. I placed four green plates I bought in Morocco around an old clock. They are meant to hang since they already had the hole in the back.

20170208_102141I also filled this bookcase/china cabinet with plates. This piece is really versatile; it looks great no matter what you put inside it.20170208_10190020170208_102019

End Tables

I really like end tables and I really like mixing them up. I got this little antique table at a thrift store for $20.


Brass, Copper, and Gold

I’m really into anything golden right now. Whether it’s a lamp, a figurine, or mirror frame, it just has to be shiny and yellow and I’m in love.


Wrought Iron Adornments

I started with the wrought iron after installing the Pottery Barn chandelier and began purchasing other items that matched. The black and the shapes tie the living room together.



And, lastly, flowers. Flowers bring so much life to any room.


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