100th Day of School Project

So for the 100th Day of School Project, I could not decide what to do for my two girls. I looked through so many ideas on Pinterest and showed them to the girls but none of us were convinced. Until I asked them: “What is something you REALLY like?”

The oldest screamed “Shopkins!” and the other one gave a litany of random objects. One afternoon as I folded a couple of shirts with the characters of the new Trolls movie, the thought for my second daughter’s project came instantly. I told her, “let’s do the Troll tree and paste 100 trolls on it” and of course she agreed.

So I downloaded lots of images for the shopkins and trolls to print out and have them cut and paste. Luckily, I found enough images with entire sheets of shopkins. Looking for 100 trolls was the hard part and since my daughter loved all the main characters I decided to download those separately and look for an image with many trolls that I could copy several times to reach 100. Once I printed all the images, I saved the girls a lot of work by cutting them into strips so that they would only have to cut off each unit.


Now I only needed to make a tree for the trolls out of construction paper and draw some type of shelf for the shopkins.

Here they are, ready to paste:20170208_16095920170208_162337

And here they are on their 100th Day of School!


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